Our best-selling Merino Bridle Pads are now back in stock!
Our best-selling Merino Bridle Pads are now back in stock!
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About Us

EquiLove was founded in June 2016 with the philosophy of total horse comfort, which in turn results in greater softness, connection and enhanced, willing performance.

All of our products are meticulously hand-made to an exceptionally high standard; our Merino Bridle Pads are carefully balanced in both tension and blend, resulting in a more hygienic, naturally wicking solution to poll and noseband padding.

Our Merino Bridle Pads were a totally new concept to market; we had made them for ourselves to use on our very sensitive, thin skinned advanced dressage horse, with very successful results.

We quickly started to feel the difference in his way of going when working with a Merino Poll Pad, which not only relieved any possible pressure at the poll, but also protected the very delicate area at the base of the ears.

The base of a horse’s ear is extremely sensitive, with many neural pathways surrounding the ear base itself; the poll and jaw are other well known areas full of nerve endings, which benefit greatly by using Merino Bridle Pads.

We have found that when there is a buffer between the base of the ears and the front of the leather headpiece, horses become more comfortable, more willing and softer through the jaw and poll.

The clever, lipped design of our Merino Poll Pad ensure that the leather on the headpiece, is never butting directly against the base of the ears.

Since 2016 we have grown considerably, given all of our products are handmade here in the UK, mostly at our EquiLove base in the beautiful Kent countryside.  

Demand is very high for our Bridle Pads, supply is limited, and we regularly sell out of all stock, and have waiting lists for certain Bridle Pads.  That’s not a problem...we can still process orders but there may be a 3-5 day delay while we make your pad.  

We regularly make bespoke pads for our customers; if there’s something specific you’d like made to your dimensions, or you need us to solve a bridle rubbing problem, please don’t hesitate to get in touch or contact us via our Facebook page EquiLove.

Our Care and Protect Collection of Noseband, Browband and Saddle Covers never fails to disappoint our new and existing customers.  We now have some ingenious browband storage solutions, with our Browband Storage Wrap and Browband Storage Bag.... #tackroomtidy

Spring 2020 saw the soft launch of our incredible Merino Bandage Wraps; we had a 26 week waiting list for these much sought after wraps, with their unique wicking and heat reducing properties.  They are a Special Order item only, so if you are interested in having a set made, please contact us and we can advise you on the waiting time.

The handmade headbands in our collection, are stylish, stunning and beautifully made, in both crochet and knitted styles and designs, there’s something for everyone.  AW20 brings a beautiful new addition to the range with our all time favourite new Unicorn Headbands.

Made from a soft, merino/acrylic blend, we have a beautiful selection of colour graduated yarns that we crochet into our Unicorn Headbands.  These are already incredibly popular....and will make the perfect gift or treat for yourself.

Did we mention the new Argentinian Leather Polo Belts that have just arrived and will be in stock very soon?  Super stylish with breeches and jeans, and we have matching Dog Collars too for the ultimate in ‘Dog Walking Style’

Here at EquiLove, we are all about customer service, as well as horse comfort and our handmade products.  If you have a problem that you would like our help with; we are always on hand to help guide you and answer any questions you may have.

#Comfort Without Compromise